GC's gone wrong?

05/03/20 07:54
Already sent a ticket but in the last 5 GC's we've played the same 2 guilds we lose against 1 then win against the other so it seems we caught in a 3 team circle and getting a bit boring!! The only way I can see us getting out of this is by losing a GC on purpose then what is the point of playing?
05/03/20 08:06
Yeah, the GC algorithm is fucked. We played the same guild 5 times in 8 GC's. Boring as fuck. No wonder many people have quit and continue to do so. This game is decent for the new guys with stuff still to achieve, get to the top leagues and its dominated by fixing and AH blocking.

Sad really.
06/03/20 08:58
yes it is sad; its the only real comp in this game as the leagues are fix with deff promotion practically every season instead of having national leagues with promotion and relegation and if you win the top league the top few teams go thru to a europe or world super league comp each season? To see who's best but the guys who do this game? They hvnt a clue! Their idea of improving the game is add another level on buildings!! And that's why i quit the footie version and 7's and the only reason i sticking with this 1 is the great group of guys we got in our guild who always give 100% .