England 2066(International are looking for a player.

31/12/17 02:22
Guys,hello. My Rugby guild name is called England 2066(International). We've been getting some inactive players,and we kicked them out,but i couldn't find an active player. There is only one spot left,and if anyone wants to join in,please let me know and write about your team information,because at the moment our guild is on by invitation on purpose cuz i wanna find people on forum. Big thx. Plus,i'm the leader of the England 2066 international guild,you'll find me easily,my nickname is All Blacks with a NZ flag.
13/02/18 19:51
Could I get playing?? Shankill syt.
13/02/18 22:58
if you have 60,000 fans just join us , if not just play one of the leaders and someone will invite you just write it on the forum when ya played and who you played so we can find you i'll let gregory know
14/02/18 00:14
Surely you can my friend I just need to know when will you play me,also we changed our name to 2018 COMMONWEALTH GOLD COAST,if you choose to play me,my team name is All Blacks