Dec 31st????

15/09/20 11:46

Latest (so far roomer) this game ends on Dec 31st
Anybody else heard this????
15/09/20 19:27
Its now there on Facebook Gameroom this runs on Adobe flash & that ends on Dec 31st & will take this game out with it
15/09/20 22:40
When Adobe flash goes I wonder what games will still work
26/09/20 18:37
Will they expect anybody who buys a player to pay the full price still when with only 3 months to go he will only be 24 when the game is killed off.

If so then those who buy should tell them to shove it they have already pulled a fast one by not letting on before so some will only have a player(s) they paid full price for making it to 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 & 30 already.

If they intend to return with new games in Jan after pulling a stunt like that who will trust them having been ripped off already?
15/10/20 18:40
As quoted from the Football Champions game page itself:
"If you want to continue playing [after Dec. 31st], please download the game on android or ios (you can retreive your account by opening the option menu on the mobile version, then click on Facebook). If you really want to play on windows, you can download the game by clicking here (note that you have to unzip it after download)."
I replaced the link they gave with an Anonfile upload, you can check on the website that it is the same exact .zip file. It's pretty much just a download of chromium with the flash plugin, so after the 31st it will still be intact.