Team Wales and Tim Cymru

24/12/16 10:09
like to wish everyone a merry christmas for all who celebrate it and my 2nd team will be returning home for christmas so i can spend a bit of time with my mates there the only thing is they had to kick their worst team out to do it sorry will but you be safe with us at tim cymru lol
25/12/16 08:38
Haha well its better than spending christmas with red mancs.. haha
26/12/16 19:15
between our 2 guilds and world elite we are going to try something new so shortly in tim cymru be needing 2 or 3 welsh teams must be active thou so if your willing to fly the welsh flag come and join me by playing a freindly nd i'll send u an invit thanks
26/12/16 19:50
Oh, Will, that's disappointing!!
27/12/16 18:22
All the fan mail you send though. It cloggs up my emails lol
27/12/16 19:24
sorry i left quick this morning guys but wills being a pain as usual need to get him out of tim cymru
28/12/16 06:04
Haha just a total wrong un