Still no solution to the Iranian 0-0-10 tactics?

31/07/16 17:57
hi, ashley, i guess you are into cheating n playing playground football as well, huh?

that's sad....
31/07/16 19:53
Good evening, Ashley,

If I bitch about losing to Rebels, then that's sour grapes. Perhaps you misconstrued or failed to comprehend what everyone is posting here; or have chosen to be infatuated by the "beauty" of iranian cheating tactics, only you know.

If I bitch about dirty and ungentlemanly tactics used by another guild to stop us from playing against them in Guild Challenges, it's not me being foollishly envious of them, Ashley, it's about playing this game the right way and playing like gentlemen.

I foresaw these problems way back before everyone now are discovering, and even clashed with a former player, MK Spurs, who abused me with vulgarity for hitting at these Iranians. Obviously, I gave him as good as I received. Hope this will not be the case with you, Mr Longthorn.

I even got banned from Forum by Sublinet, so, please do not encourage me to launch a tirade which I can assure the Iranians and you that you will always remember with seething anger and immense bitterness. Words can destroy in ways we will never be able to fully understand. They can ban me again for all I care.

Oh, Sublinet, I beseech you to always use lubricant when the Iranians are sodomising you, or maybe you love the pain thoroughly, and of course, the money you are profitting from these suckers too.

Thank you

P.S. Of course, we can replicate the same ugly tactics and spend money for players but for me personally, I chose to play football (to hell with Van Gaal, hence the reason why he was fired!), use my money on travelling and enjoying real life, like what I am doing now.
31/07/16 20:32
Sorry Ashley, but I desagree. There's absolutely NO beauty in what I see. Is the FIFA scandal a beauty of football too?

Beyond the words "unsportsman-like conduct" or "playing like gentlemen" so gently used by other players, there is the word "CHEATING", plain and true.

Simpleman, I've been reading the posts on this matter since a long time. A few experienced players did ring the bell if I recall.

As I said in another post, I will leave IRANIAN Champions 2 in 6 days if nothing is done.
31/07/16 20:48
Hope you do not leave, Alfa Suarez, but I know the feeling and have also thought of quitting this game.

If I stop playing this game, I will make sure I create problems for Sublinet in a few ways, legally, of course.

All the best in what you decide to do, Alfa.
31/07/16 22:04
Ashley is an iranian clearly.
31/07/16 22:51
I like it when people speak their mind, especially when they say something opposit of what others think, so good on you ashley. We are all free to ghave our own oppinions ...luckily we are.

For me, the real bitterness is with sublinet, because they do not listen and chance things that need to be changed. We have been putting ideas, bugs, opportunities in the forum and nothing happens. A simple question about how many superstar players you can buy, is simply not answered. Junior training centre, open transfer market, 4 week league, guild challenge blocked by friendlies, set up strategy for a match, without every one being able to test it, strange for mations, unlogical movement and actions that players do ...especially against the iran tactic, unanounced changes ...end the list goes on.
04/08/16 15:19
I got told to create a more realistic formation when I did this, so why is this sort of thing still being allowed.Can't have 1 rule for Iranians and another for the rest of us