Was that the PIMPS 1st GC loss?

21/07/19 08:29
DUDE, I have poked the bear, and I FKN KILLED IT....so don't fk with me...….all of a sudden to you guys its not a big deal to lose to what 1 of your guys called us.....a lesser guild......well fk you and your high almighty righteous BS......you pimps made the excuse of training up when the SUPER guild was put together......I give ya props, you beat them and they didn't have a chance......But now we beat you in a legit way and its no big deal to you all...…..well, we are PROUD to have knocked you guys off the top......you all should actually take it as a compliment......lol...…………….But don't make this personal DUCK....becuz I have spanked yo ass from top to bottom of the rankings...…….let us have our time to shine and STFU and just take your backseat now...….fix your shit and come at us again...…...becuz we aren't going away
21/07/19 08:44
Only a game pal only a game
21/07/19 08:47
your 100% right!!!...….only a game......so why is it you all have such a hard time with us ENJOYING our win?...…….SO DUCKS, I have nothing against you at all...….so like I said in many posts before this.....LET US HAVE THE STAGE FOR a FEW DAYS and you all can just go sit the fk down and STFU!!!!
21/07/19 09:03
Hi Feed Zeke/C4L I'm not sure if you missed the comments posted on Discord by a vast majority of the community that plays this game, but just to recap everyone congratulated the Bar in achieving something so many guilds had failed to do, some of the guys at the guild you said never had a chance was the first to give you guys the acclaim it deserved, hell I was among the first & I took the time to pay the respect to the Pimps for putting that streak together.

Really don't know what your issue here is, to be the man you got to beat the man, you guys done that congrats, but I never bowed down to the Pimps because of their record so why would anyone start worshipping the Bar now?

Yes you hold the bragging rights but guess what now your top everyone will want a piece of your guilds arse, that is not being disrespectful it's the truth,your on top & people will want to knock you off, that is life.

Coming across as arrogant & demeaning to other guilds is only going to light that fire even more & tarnish the respect of the guilds that gave you the adulation.

Play the game not the people, show some class.

Greybeard Griffins
21/07/19 09:06
1 fuck you. (Cny banned dont give a fuck havent been on here in a while if you want a real discussion get on discord)

2. Honestly dont remember you ever beating CNY

3 I have respect for some guys in your guild but never you because you run your mouth like 5 year old

4. Sit down bitch be humble ( cny banned by sweet nitro #2)

5 again if you guys have a 4 year run like pimps then run your mouth until then shut the fuck up your just "new money" although I'm pretty sure I was the first to congratulate the bar on the win almost 12 hours before it was over even when a tie was still an option

And you my friend are a target. I dont give two flying fucks if you are scared or not it is what it is and the only thing I can thank you for is that you have brought the fire back in me to own your ass. And as for Pimps. Good luck in the next GC i honestly dont see it going the same way. 1 win out of 50 or whatever is insignificant I will give props it was a win. But it's still like the browns winning there first superbowl.

21/07/19 09:10
21/07/19 09:10
21/07/19 09:29
HEY GG…….Im not on DISCORD......so I wouldn't have any idea what your talking about...…..and if you so-called smart educated people look at the title of this post its a question...….so maybe you should reread from the beginning and see just who threw the first stone.....FUCK YOU CNY...…...and we deserve to celebrate.....we did what nobody has done......so fuck you if you don't like us celebrating our win...……..yes maybe it will be the only one.....but we still did it......so take your whiney ass BS turn it sideways and stick it up your candyasses if you don't like us enjoying our win.....

A target?.....shit I been a target since the beginning with C4L.....people talked shit on COWBOYS and I fired back.....made me a target just becuz I like the COWBOYS....so lets talk childish Bullshit buddy......so put a huge fkn target on me ….I invite the challenge you mthrfkr
21/07/19 09:33
IF you dumbasses read right...it was both jamming and CNY that threw the first punch.....and if u think for a second im gonna sit back and take the shit from either of you or any of you, you ight want to think again...…..I been playing this game a longtime also.....my not have always been in the lime light like some of you...….but im not gonna let you fkrs badmouth my group of great teammates...…..so get ready for a fight....becuz that's what u will get....
21/07/19 10:15
Good luck loser