Vote on preferred changes

19/05/16 13:37
Taff - British Lions :

"Waspy Tiger" :

[quote="""Taff - British Lions"""]
PMSL ..... Can't believe KK hasn't voted yet lol

Can't wait to tease him about how I finally did it, and he didn't bother to vote...

As long as you don't swear lol[/quote]

No ****ing chance.
19/05/16 15:08
19/05/16 16:00
And I am certain we are still unanimous lol
20/05/16 00:02
voted lol .great link for vote too . now i see why took so long .. good work waspy t .. what did taff vote for .. better be mb change . and remove from league lol

i was going to give you some slack waspy . but didnt want to be banned and miss vote .. note sure how long third ban would be lol .. voted now so ban away lol
20/05/16 00:20
20/05/16 00:37
Over 50 responses so far, keep them coming.
20/05/16 01:34
20/05/16 11:40
Waspy Tiger :

Over 50 responses so far, keep them coming.

Until when are you running the survey? I would be very interested to know the results. There were some pretty good ideas.

Thanks for setting it up.
21/05/16 23:40
Will run it until the end of this month to give everyone a chance - around 90 responses so far.
22/05/16 11:53