No one's listening

17/06/18 07:30
Sending tickets is like talking to a brick wall.... they have left and don't care what we say so........ Fuckity fuck fuck fuck shit bitch cocksucker.
17/06/18 21:15

"We take note of that.

The Touchdown Manager support team"
18/06/18 02:37
11/10/18 02:04
fb page has not had a post in years either
11/10/18 19:23
They don't even send me the "we take note of that" message anymore. I get crickets chirping went I send a ticket
16/10/18 01:56
man none of my guild (so guessing the entire game) has been able to play a map or a gc game all damm day... sent tickets, posted on the fb page,, not a peep
16/10/18 03:41
Hi Randy

I believe everyone is locked out atm, logged a ticket with SN around 12hrs ago, still waiting for the stock response!

Think they've gone on holiday without telling anyone, can we kick them if it's true!

All the best Greybeard Griffins
16/10/18 07:43
That's by far not the only problem this game have atm lol...
it's just ridiculous what they have done to this game... Mainly talking about defense and KR :)...

Greetz streifenkarl
16/10/18 13:15
Apparently, they spent all day eating bagels and jacking off because they damn sure didn't fix anything. They actually made it worse.
16/10/18 13:43
Zeke lol.... Nope they haven't done anything that's so sad