To all free-players

09/10/17 17:52
I will be retiring after this season. I appreciate all who has invested money into the game, allowing me and other fellow free-players to enjoy our free time.

Just want all free-players to know that conquering the #1 spit is possible for any of us. I am the living proof. Have done it many times with not just one but two different teams.

If u wanna learn the game and do it right, join The Coalition.

Fair well, friends and thanks for the fun!
09/10/17 23:57
Farewell Mister CantWait. It sadden me to here this work from you, because you are a Great player. I was just coming back to the game after almost 2 month thanks to my internet provider that have shut my net down for no reason. And that to learn you are leaving ? Sad, but i still wish the best for whatever you will do next
10/10/17 01:43
2 months without internet sounds catastrophic. Good to know that youve survived it;)
Thanks for the kind words Togo, appreciate it. I aint a great player tho. I was just lucky to have met MB and Top along the way, these guys taught me everything.
Best luck with your team Togo, and most of all have fun!
12/10/17 03:36
Sad to see you go..... best of luck!
13/10/17 05:29
How freaking poetic!! So, your very last Champs match is against me. And you are sure to smoke me!!

See you on FB my friend. Come back anytime.

Weird how things like this happen.
13/10/17 16:51
Just want to say thanks to CantWait for helping me improve my team. Goodbye and good luck.
08/11/17 02:47
I always enjoyed our games, don't think I ever won, but enjoyed, for free
Veterans Pride