A funny discussion. Can you imagine going bowling with Don Hampton?

15/07/17 15:46
I mean, what happens? First frame, he goes first, then I get a strike. He runs up to the attendant and starts screaming I am cheating because it is obviously the bowling shoes fault? His are not proper, and mine are on steroids? Second frame happens, and I beat him again. Now, he has to yell at the attendant and ask for his address. Third frame, he loses again. Now he whips at his cell phone. he calls his "son" In the fourth frame, yet again loses now there is trouble. He curses out everyone in the bowling alley saying this is wrong. And he will not let any of the innocent 112 bystanders alone until he explains his whole story.On and on, rhymes with Don.
Fifth frame, he loses again. No one is paying attention to him. So his broke ass steals money out of another player's wallet. (They don't deserve it anyway, he thinks, because i am better than them) and buys a megaphone from the pawn shop. Just because no one is paying attention to him. And then he is loud, but oddly enough, the sound of the bowling alley drowns him out.
Douchebag, you are not that important. Guess what, neither am I. I just have fun making friends. A lot of them are better at me at this game. Get over it.
And i will never take you bowling. What a night mare that would be.
LOL, anyone want to chime in on what might happen in the second half of bowling?
15/07/17 16:09
he ate the ball game over !!!