Inconsistent yardage update on backward passes

19/03/17 01:54
The yardage updates on backwards passes seem a little inconsistent. I don't have a specific game to point to at the moment, but I can cite one the next time I notice it. My apologies for not having one ready.

If there is a backwards pass (a pass leading away from the opposing team's endzone) then it should result in a loss of yardage if the pass goes out of bounds or the player runs out of bounds. It seems like sometimes this happens for me, but sometimes it doesn't.

Is this intended behavior?

19/03/17 04:47
Forwards pass out of bounds sometimes results in yardage gained, I think it's a leftover bit of code from soccer/rugby.
19/03/17 15:29
Weird. I don't usually make forward passes, so I've definitely never experienced that.

I just had a friendly against Kernow Miners. 3/19 09:16 US central time. Dynasty471 vs Kernow Miners.
With 14 minutes left in the 4th quarter, I threw a pass that resulted in no lost yardage, but looked like it should have resulted in about 11 yards of lost yardage.