Messaging people outside your guild

26/03/17 05:09
On my laptop, the live chat button (which is small) is on the right hand side just under suggested games and download tab for the gameroom. You can't see it on mobile or if you play in full screen.
26/03/17 12:00
Da Cubs :

I would download this....any chance you can post the link of where exactly this download for desktop is?

There you go
26/03/17 20:55
Facebook Gameroom should already be shoved in your face every time you open the game, because Facebook wants to be everywhere like Microsoft lol

As for phone, there's a variety of Android emulators out there, although I'm not too familiar with them. You'd have to get a good one and then find the TDM APK.
26/03/17 22:16
Thanks Togo!

I am only running on Windows my computer is too old for Then again, I was thinking about buying a new computer.
13/05/17 16:05
Da Cubs :

Hey Brocko,

I spent some time looking for this live chat (I play through Facebook), but I cannot find anything. I "liked" the game, and was at the main page on Facebook with all the stuff, but not sure where or how this live chat is accessed. I would be interested to see that. How do you find or go into this live chat with other people?

Thank you!

In middle of left side of screen is a right-pointing arrow. That is the pull-out to your guild's live chat.
16/05/17 02:57
Boss J D Hawg, I'm pretty sure Da Cubs knows where his guild chat is. We are talking about the Facebook live chat on the right hand side of your screen just under Facebook gameroom download or suggested games. You can't see it when playing on a phone or tablet. Wish more teams could find it.
17/05/17 20:56
Yes....what he said! I would greatly enjoy the opportunity to say to hello to anyone and everyone in the game. I'm sure it would be "fun" for a variety of players to meet others.

I think my problem with this was I have Windows XP which is too old/not supported by the gameroom client you have to download on to your PC to use it. I don't have a fancy phone, so I play at my desktop computer. But, I am plenty happy with my existing computer, so I guess this is just not available to me. Perhaps someday they will change up the "group" chat. It took me a long time to figure out how to post in the forum. They sure don't make it easy if you play on FB to figure out how to create a user name and ID!!!
18/05/17 01:55
I have never downloaded the gameroom or any link for it. Honestly don't know what Windows I'm running but in computer years, I'm ancient. I don't know if it works for XP but playing through FB, I see on the right hand side (not full screen) suggested games. Under that is FB gameroom download. Just under that is live chat with on/off tab. Under that is featured games. I really would like to see more teams there cause half the ones there are retarded. Hope this helps