Sports shop seems like a way to decrease your team not upgrade your team

23/03/17 21:48
For what i saw, if your players are 110 in a skill and the max point you can get is 115, the gear from sport shop can only bring you to 115. So a tiers 1 gear (+5) will be enough. A tiers 2 gear (+10) will cause a waste of 5 points. Gear from sport shop only help in early season if you just promote into a new level of championship. It will give you enough point to reach the new max point of your level. But as the season will go, as it efficiency will dimunish (because you will earn point through training and games to build your players properly).
24/03/17 04:12
WOW! If that is true what you say. I'm not sure if that's correct, though. I would need one of the admins to confirm that. The sports shop doesn't even come out until level 15, so it is for high level (and in theory highly trained) players. I can't speak to what the gear is going for, but I know it is in millions...especially early when demand is high.

I think the sports shop is just a cash sink for this game. That is something that is created solely to drain gold from the game as there is too much out there and once your villages are maxed, gold becomes essentially pointless assuming you have enough to pay the salaries at 100% morale (which I would guess you would).

It would be awesome if your level cap as you say it remains in place with or without the gear....but I'm just not thinking that's how it is. I think the gear puts you over your cap, but I guess I don't really know for sure as there is no official statement one way or another.

What say you admins/Q?
24/03/17 18:22
To my knowledge this works the same as the strategy building principal, just focussing on a specific stat, so this should essentially push you over the level cap. As much as there is a high cost involved in buying gear it is a resolution to the problem some players have of having everything maxed and nothing to use their cash on, hence it coming at a high level (and of course the higher level players should be rewarded for their time put in or $$ spent)
25/03/17 21:52
Hummm that is interesting. Will test it further to understand. At the moment, i don't really feel that gears put my players stats over the cap