Hall of fame

11/03/17 02:25
I wish there was a list of retired players from my team, and those who were super stars for me, it could even be a space on the city board.

11/03/17 03:33
I'd love that, but there's not a ton of names out there. It'll get redundant real quick lol

And if we're gonna do that, I'd want to see a record book too (10 most TDs overall/by position, rushing yards, receiving yards, etc.)
17/03/17 15:59
It's essentially reserved server space that I don't believe the Dev's want to allocate. Even as things stand, they don't keep our matches or records from previous seasons (in an area available to the players). Maybe they load it onto lower level memory or tape, but even that stuff which is more immediately relevant isn't stored.

I highly doubt they'll start storing a list of previous players that don't even play anymore