You should be ASHAMED of yourselves Bones Brigade, cheating and still losing!!

01/01/17 10:36
Oh Hey! SANDMAN and Marks Raiders! This is CantWait, guys nothing but respect for u guys, thanks for replying back haha
As per Randy, this is probably the worst smacktalk thread ever, but what can i say.. lol
I hope to fight ur guild again and do some trashtalk lol, but most importantly have fun and show respect.
Yes I am a cheap bastard who wont spend real money onto games, but got nothing against anyone who spend money; in fact i thank them for making this game possible!
Thanks for the love, guys. I should mention Im a product of MB hahaha Learned everything from MB and Toptown.
Just a lil headsup... if u truly think Im good, wait till u guys see Corona, or CC. He's gonna kick everybody's butt including yours lol

Much appreciate the thread from you, happy new year!