It’s only a game v Damage.

16/01/19 19:46
Congratulations to Damage for a close hard fought victory in the current GC 22-21. Respect to Damage tough guild top sides. Congrats also to my IOAG team mates who gave it everything but fell just short. Were closing the gap. Its good to see another guild playing hard and fair, unlike some we could memtion.
20/01/19 12:02
Thank you Master. We love playing IOAG because it's always a tough but fair contest and always close. We also know that all your teams are going to play both their games, which we appreciate. IOAG deserve credit for that scoreline considering that you have less top levels than we do. Well played, and we look forward to the next one. Respect.
21/01/19 06:17
What Damage said, play hard play fair. Until next time