Active guilds

26/03/18 00:05
Hi, just joined, any active guides accepting new players?
26/03/18 12:51
i'd take you on in rebels if you do wanna play just play dark destroyer so I can find you for an invite
26/03/18 21:01
Cheers Ash, I am not able to join until later tonight but you already have 25 members.
26/03/18 23:36
oh who your team buddy I thought you was wolf pack

so are you gogs we can easy make a space
26/03/18 23:44
Wolfpack has joined rebels we thought you was the guy so as kieran put if you just put your team name on I can make you a space for sure not a problem the guild is active but we have a few lower end heal senders a little hit and miss GC wise but mostly a good crew and most importantly a progressive team.

I'll send you the invite tommorow should you play me as need to know where you are will be lateish tho as i'm working my friend so be like 7ish uk time before I can look maybe slightly before
27/03/18 00:02
Yep Gogs and will look to progress up the leagues
27/03/18 23:59
What is your team name Ash
28/03/18 20:58
hey up new and active see you got a guild but you got an invite from us in rebels after i let go of the guilds most innactive player we had in the hope you may join we don't have many innactives and they certainly don't last with me lol.

I'm ashley longthorn in world elite and Dark destroyer in rebels

i also have a 3rd account lot less serious i n ireland called not good just better

apologies for not been quick enough with the invite when i got home i went and watched the england game totally forgot hope all is well
28/03/18 21:00
Hi, thanks for the invite, I got out of my boring guilds but have been in 2 guilds in the last 24 hours. Hopefully the slot will be free until tomorrow.