What an absolute farce the new update is.

10/03/17 15:50
This new update is a disgrace. You can't get a home win, even if the team you play is a couple of levels lower. Talking about making the game even less enjoyable, you get the opportunity to own a new building, yet for some reason can't get into it straight away! I'm on level five and haven't been able to open it yet!! I for one hope you fix this ridiculous attempt at an update pretty quick, otherwise you will end up with a lot of disgruntled players.
11/03/17 09:12
So glad I haven't wasted any gold balls on this I aint seen a good comment about the new update yet I'm possibly going to step down in a few months myself I've had fun but getting a little boring now and theres nothing left for me to achieve really they'd of been better just updating the achievements board with new goals to reach cos most of the top players have got them all in fairness and even players who've stuck at long enough are either nearly there or have complete it.

My only goals left in this game is to get to that high the level MB doesn't exist and to unlock all things minus the sports shop after that I'm adios but I feel like the only way I can continue in the game is to create my own goals
11/03/17 11:34
There is a problem, I have read that you can buy area by using money of the game. I have 4 banks level 23 and i have 127 100 000 in my possession and when I want to create a new area (i have onemore workers free), it is impossible for me unless having 80 golden ball in my possession. So for me, it is impossible to create the new buildings: store for sport...
14/03/17 20:46
Yup a scam for revenue.

The rugby update has also gone down like a bucket of cold sick.

Let's stop giving them revenue, vote with your feet.
15/03/17 14:53
I've never give them a penny gareth I don't believe in the packs I believe in skill . I believe that most of the people who buy packs are doing so for one reason because they nothing about the game with the exceptions of most of the guys in team wales and my lot most of the French teams and the americans are poor as. I'm not even going to comment on Iranians think everyone knows my thoughts on them. A lot of the players in the top levels of the game wouldn't be there without the pack look at dollard for example 200+ rated my team is 152 and I can kick his backside anyday,but theres many others that are just lack that without the pack players they wouldn't be half the level they are
16/03/17 03:00
Well it's starting to get a lot of players wondering what theyre doing playing this game. There's absolutely no enjoyment anymore, you've messed with the training points too haven't you?? I could get 15 a day and now I'm lucky to get near 12 and that's training all day along with league, cup, gc and training. Honestly I start to wonder whether you want to create a good game when people spend so long building up their maps, only to find that you've lowered the quality of the players in order to get people roped into this stupid sports store, you make it virtually impossible to enjoy playing any game as the players run backwards more than forwards and keepers can pretty much hold off most shots and penalties! I'm disgusted that you continue to destroy this game in order to give the advantage to paying players. Maybe it's time to get out before you ruin it even more!!
17/03/17 11:30
I am thinking much the same this game is going downhill I will carry on for now but will also give another game a go if no good move on until I find one then this one gets dumped its a shame nobody takes on the Neoploy one again at one time Yahoo, UEFA & some Turkish TV company were all running it now nobody does
23/04/17 12:59

re the Training points the 30 min one will deliver jack shit the two hour one delivers a few but the 4 hour one will deliver shit loads you need to stock right up on heals & then hit the 4 hour one & use heals when you need them to get them ready for a match
03/05/17 16:09
Shaun C..
Aye that's what I've been doing recently, earlier on in the game the 30min used to bring a lot of points but not any more! Sticking to two and four hour training, don't have to keep checking it all the time then too!!:)