Haunted Palace is recruting

28/02/19 01:51
Sorry, we do not choose who we play, the idiots do.

Pimps rule!! LOL
02/08/19 22:35
Maddog 3030 (formerly The Maddogs) :

Fustercluck :

We are looking for some solid guys that love to play the game, love to drink, and love to drive/motivate each other. We also hate don and any kind of dramatics. If interested hit one of the leaders up in back to back friendlies for an invite.

I think we all hate Don so not sure that's a good requirement. I hope you guys continue building from your solid core. Seriously though, best of luck on filling. I have really enjoyed the battles with Haunted. ALWAYS a close one.

Best of luck Fuster!

love you too smooches