3rd and Long

05/01/19 21:45
3rd and long, is a new guild looking for players. We need experienced teams to help teach, and new teams just starting out. Join us and let's have fun playing and growing.
06/01/19 01:02
GL Styro...

Hookers and beer is the brotherhood training guild.. it was just started a few days ago.. sorry you didnt stay long enough to see what an amazing group of some very good players in the game could do too help you learn... I think you were worried about how active it was.. well 5 members and on a weekend your not gonna see just how active those 5 players are,,,..

I can promise you.. we will fill that guild.. we will train them to be amazing players and we will have a blast doing it...

just like we do with the Brotherhood

anyway nothing but luck! I look forward to seeing you in some gcs down the road..