Wanna bring down pimps?

22/11/18 20:38
Friendly killer clouds of outsiders let's get this done.
23/11/18 00:46
think #1 is gonna be a force myself
23/11/18 16:56
If you're going to dream, you might as well dream big.

23/11/18 22:19
I could start a friendly but that won't help ya

streifenkarl ✌️
24/11/18 16:30
Yes dream big
24/11/18 16:30
Yes dream big
24/11/18 16:30
Yes dream big
14/12/18 03:17
There's not many teams that can attain and hold the #1 spot on the map, and the Pimps have 2 I believe, Steifenkarl and Zeke. The other one, Thou Mayest, belongs to the Bar. It's my opinion to bring down the Pimps, you need one of those 3 players or another team to step up to their talent level. Your good, Killer Clouds, but your a ways off from competing with those teams on a daily basis. I'm probably even further off, but I'm ok with that. I'll take every loss I get and learn something from them. I remember playing with you back in the day, I believe the guild's name was 12th Man or something like that, with Sea Turkeys and Green Bay Packers. Like I said, this is only my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions... opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one, and they usually stink.
14/12/18 03:24
We're building the next great guild at the Bar, we just need a little more talent...
14/12/18 18:24
Thanks for the kind words, Pack! There are several great guilds in this game, enough to keep us on our toes. The Bar, Outsiders, Brotherhood and others have some really great players and we all recognize that, so we try to stay a step ahead but it's tough especially after losing some of the old hands that we've lost.

None of us in Pimps would ever claim to be the best, certainly not me, but we all play as a team and try to keep enough of us advancing that we can be competitive. I would rather see 10 of our guys playing great than just a few of us. Pimps has never been about one player, it has always been about everyone doing the best they can while offering each other encouragement and support and openly sharing strategy. We have some up and coming players that will competing at the top before long and our training guild has also helped in that area.

It's getting harder and harder to find talent in the game so I truly wish you guys the best.

We all have our wins and losses but that is part of the game and it's really fun to me, but the best part is playing and chatting with really good people, guys I'd love to meet some day and have a drink with.

Cheers to all!!