21/12/17 20:16
Kick returns are the reason I'm getting fed up with this game. They won't fix because I don't think they understand the problem. Maybe I just have a shitty team but, kick returns should be a surprise, not stopping one. I can deal with the SS and MB cause those are choices. I don't "chose" to be surprised when I actually stop a return. Maybe it's depth, ignorance, or just not understanding the game of "American Football". Either way, It's getting old and I feel I won't be the only one to say buh bye.
Tickets don't work and I haven't seen an admin here in a while. I'm trying really, REALLY hard to keep my potty mouth in check, no time out please lol
21/12/17 23:46
I understand how this makes you feel. I believe that the resolution to this vexing problem has to come from a place of understanding. They may be working on bigger issues on some of their other game titles, and remember that this is a free to play game. We all must come together as a united force and demand justice for this crime against the sport.
22/12/17 06:06
I think it is as simple as how they have coded the players to react. If they were to fix it the special team players would have to "behave" differently than they do on offense or defense. Because of the spacing on special teams too many things can go wrong and since their current code cannot handle that phase of the game they do little tweeks instead of a total revamp. Blocks are held too long and speed wins out. Maybe they did take their soccer game and change it in little ways to make it into football.
24/12/17 04:06
They were on to something briefly with out of bounds kicks ... but they were like successful onside kicks ... instead of starting the returning team on the 40.
25/12/17 23:39
Funny how that was fixed quickly Buxx. I would think a special teams folder might help but as Toptown said, it might be something they can never fix cause of "codes". Either way I'm losing interest. As a free player I'm sure I'm no loss.