All in joking, but my wife's idea. My TDM bible is for sale. :)

18/01/17 02:41
LOL. I so love this game, and I love meeting all the great people from it. My wife is tired of hearing, "I don't pay any money toward this game, but I still keep winning."

As many of you know, back in October, I had my first ever surgery. On my foot. Stuck at home, Not allowed to go anywhere. So I found this game. It kept me company, while the wife worked very hard and was away.

I compiled, which is now, over 49 pages of notes, studies, formations, everything you can think of. It occupied my time, and made me feel better as I felt like I was winning at something when I couldn't physically do it.

Fast forward to tonight. I have a granddaughter whose first birthday is coming up. She is my birthday buddy, as she was born on my birthday. SHe will be one on Jan 30th, I will be 2.

Anyway, she grabbed from my desk what I call my bible.I said, "NOOOOOOO!!!" The wife scolds me properly, and as I try to explain what it means. Because of my surgery and inability to work, we are under major financial strain. So....

She tells me, "IF it is that so F ing precious, why don't you sell it to them?"

Umm, so for sale. Besides, I am out of beer money.

Ha! Anyway, point being, do you guys have a funny story to share? COme on, I know you do.
18/01/17 04:47
I bit $1. But It won't do me much good. I like to learn and figure things out myself. Way too tempted to cheat as it is. I'm most likely going to sell what MechWarrior Dark Age figures I have to make some rent. As snow isn't coming and that's a major winter income.
18/01/17 22:24
19/01/17 14:30
Well, for those of you who spend real money on this game, should consider buying these notes; it'll probably cost you less to build/maintain the team. All jokes maybe, but for me they hold the value. I see teams with 10s, 20s of pack-players, with 3 strategy buildings, and it isn't too difficult to figure out how much money was spent to build such team. I'm still able to compete with them, and I have a younger team, and yes, im a free player. MB and Top from my guild are my sensei lol. Based on some of the teams which i compete with, these notes have value of at least a few 100s USD.
With all seriousness, I thank you all money spenders for making it possible for us, the free players, to enjoy this game.
P.S. if you sell any of your notes, MB, please spare me some Golden Balls lol
19/01/17 16:18
I will add that on top of the technical value of this notes, you will be able to understand the mindset of Mr. RILEY while he was setting up all these startegies. I am pretty sure that it will help lot of us to read this notes. So if some people can buy it i hope they will aand i am sure that will help them out in this game and probably in some other situations.
And you will also be able to help out Mr. RILEY and that will be cool.
19/01/17 17:32
HA! COme on guys! THis wasn't all about me. Again the point of the thread was just to share some funny stories that have happend to you in real life while playing. I would never sell them. Heck I give them away for free all the time. It was just a funny story that happened.

So, no one else with something funny to share? Would love to read it.
20/01/17 03:10
Well, my cat auto assigned like 300 TPs while i was away from my phone. Anyone who lives with a cat! Remember to turn the screen off!!! Lol