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11/11/21 18:23
Just played a team 7 levels below me, gave way 12 pens, didn't win one scrum, had 3 pens and won 3-0 ! WTF his team had poor defence stats, poor scrum stats, none of his players were top stats for his level, his players caught my top level attackers with ease, No10 just run straight into his players, where as his No10 ran like a snake, side stepping defenders. The game is now utterly stupid, no point in making players the best they can be as not reflected in game play, forwards are at max for scrums but lose every scrum against lower forwards. There is now no control over what your team does, as the game decides how they play or mostly don't play really thinking of giving up as its pointless now, each game is taken up with stupid penalties, rarely do see tries as defence is king no matter what your player defence stats are, only being able to kick pens from their half ! Best inform WR of new rules ? Nohing about this game represents Rugby now.
12/11/21 23:45
Mel Fingerbum :

I hope everyone is really enjoying these new updates lol

I love it
23/11/21 19:09
How many of you gullible twats still paying to play this abortion of a game lol