Conceding penalties on defence

06/09/20 14:26
So this is annoying the living daylights out of me.. now all of a sudden my games look like this.. my 10 kicks off.. they catch the ball run it to half way then my player tackles.. just there and then i concede a penalty... this can continue whole game.. i dont know what im doing wrong.. i dropped all aggresion but still this happens
07/09/20 01:44
If you give your team name and Guild, I may be able to accurately answer.
07/09/20 10:06
Maul of Duty - The Hit Men
07/09/20 11:49
The morale of your players is set far too low, it affects performance. Raise the morale and you should see an improvement, all round. Mine is set at 99%, to give you an indication.