GvG-Commitment to play matches

27/01/18 20:06
ekstasy :

So in other words teams/guilds should be punished for being unable to get online as often as you. Really?
Yes. 24 hours to play 10-15 minutes for 2 GC games is more than enough time for anyone. We kick teams from our Guild that do not play their GC games as do many, many others.

ekstasy :
Next you’ll be raising tickets asking for Sweet Nitro to set up a screening questionnaire in which people have to declare how often they will get online before they get to play the game.
No. This is just inane nonsense you have posted.
27/01/18 20:36
Who are these many many others? You and Webb Ellis? There are obviously many many more guilds who don’t kick teams for inactivity otherwise this thread would never exist .

Just accept that some people actually have a life offline, and therefore are never going to spend as much time as you playing the game and therefore might actually miss their GvG games .

Why don’t you and Webb Ellis raise a ticket to ask if you can always play each other and then you won’t be disappointed with a lack of activity .
27/01/18 20:59
Hey gents u both seem like good guys to me. I can see both points. Everything should be cool
27/01/18 21:03
More inane nonsense ekstasy. In the time it has taken you to make a few posts on the forum you could have played 4 GC games.
27/01/18 22:52
I think ekstasy has a point DHSFP. We all play the game as it suits our lifestyles, and there isn’t much point moaning about it. It’d also be ludicrous of the developers to penalise the less active teams as it would drive teams away from the game and reduce their potential for income.

Personally I try to always make the effort to play all my GvG games as at the top level of the game you need the money from them, but I don’t expect every other player to spend the time on the game that I do. And I know there are many people that spend a lot more time than I do on here.
28/01/18 09:24
We make allowances for people who can't play all the time also due to work commitments and real life which always comes first. My gripe is with Guilds of 20 or more teams that we play and they only challenge us 6 or 7 times. As you pointed out, we all need the Gate Money and more importantly the Training Points.
28/01/18 15:06
I just think the game should somehow start classifying guilds in let’s say gold silver and bronze class.

And you play the guilds in the different classes.
Criteria could be determined by the creators.

But being matched up with a guild with lvl40-50 teams and you have lvl 50-59 teams is shit. We know how that turns out.

There should be a better way of matching up teams.

Just my opinion, and I get that you get players that piss around, those that play more frequently and then the guys putting time into it.

So yea it’s kinda crap but hey it is what it is.
29/01/18 20:10
The real Mayhem :
I just think the game should somehow start classifying guilds in let’s say gold silver and bronze class.

Quite a decent idea, Mayhem. Something definitely needs changing with the introduction of classifying guilds. We've just played a guild ranked 17th and they managed to play all of 14 matches combined.

The game needs a big mop up of inactive guilds.
29/01/18 20:42
Yes it is frustrating but at the end of the day you are playing your game and they are playing what they want to do. You have the chance to play them two times. It is down to them how they respond plus many may choose to deliberately avoid giving some players money. Classification would be good for the hardcore.