Defence problems

16/02/17 14:44
My team concedes two to three tries in the first 40 seconds of the game. Thereafter it settles. Centres going wrong way or opens up a door wide enough for a truck to pass.please help
16/02/17 14:51
Its a problem when you the attacking team. Scout your opposition first, do they have a weak player? Check out the player imstructions of your opponent. If your kick off target has high attack spped they will score, or a high pass speed they will pass out quickly to the backs who will,score.
16/02/17 16:19
sensible advice, also look at your attack and defense spacings, try and work out what your opposition are doing - are they narrow or wide, how are you set up?

Also look at the penetration rate of opposition players, if it's high they'll take it into contact, low they'll pass it before you touch them, who are you passing to? Also, how are your players set up? If their defense speed is too high, they'll make it to the player but not make the tackle. What is the players rhythm too as this will affect things? Worst case play a few friendlies beforehand and try out different strategies.