Team Wales recruiting

06/10/16 20:37
Are you sure MK that only PL team , and the other guy you mentioned forgot who that was cos you talk so much shit can beat you? i'm pretty sure It weren't that long ago since I stuffed your MK team for 3 and I'm pretty sure 80% of the UK Elite would probably give you a good run for your money as theres players better than me in that lot. Your team probs wouldn't even compete with Chris Milano if your looking for a real challenge.
06/02/17 14:41
Just popped in to see how the game is going - from what I've read, its the same old same old. It's great to see Team Whales doing so well - I expected the iranian teams to have flooded the guild ranking (which they kinda have) - but its great to see some old forces still there - well done guys.

And Will hows it going?
06/02/17 23:08
Hi Vishal this game is as good as dead not many people reading the forum now anymore, but I can tell you Will whale is still active. I'm currently in a guild with him on touchdown manager
06/02/17 23:14
Hello vishal.. team wales are ruling the game as expected.. we was first to max out the fan base and have just generally been trampling all over the iranians as and when we please.. we work together with world elite and tim cymru.. and also have a little feeder guild.. but would defo welcome you back to game vishal