Patch 3.2

18/05/16 16:39
- Free kicks and penalties!
- Lots of bug fixes
- New strategy advanced options (available in a few days for mobile players)

- Teams who can play guild matches are now dynamic. If your guild has 25 teams and the opponent guild has 22 teams, 22 teams of each guilds will be able to play.
- The number of challenges won is now shown on the description of the guild

- A confirmation popup has been added to assign training points
- New warning message when a player will retire at the end of the season
18/05/16 17:18
I like it. I loved the new patch notes. Only thing is that we still need the youth academy. Guys, I loved the way you answered us by doing work instead of replying. Looks like you have a Japanese in your ranks.

No racial discrimination intended.
18/05/16 20:50
what are the conditions for penalties? and i saw there is any change for the strategies
19/05/16 11:25
a lot better with pens nd freekicks just need to sort out the offside rule now but fantasic patch
19/05/16 11:36
what change for the strategy?
19/05/16 16:14
19/05/16 17:14
Nicola di Russo, the change in strategy is that in advanced option, there is a option of settings in computer version. The app on mobile is yet to get the upgrade.
21/05/16 03:17
my humble opinion about teams placing 5 - 6 players in front of the opposition's goalkeeper is these guys do not appreciate the beauty of football, and just want to win at all cost.....and to win ugly n instantly, especially with the new promising updates.

it's a bit like premature ejaculation when a girl lies naked on the bed and they shoot themselves to oblivion without even touching her! that's what i personally think of such players with ugly teams! funny, sad but true!

offside rule and yellow cards for players of such ugly teams, as it is tantamount to kicking the ball out out the goalkeeper's hands to score a cheap goal, as is the case in real football matches.

big teams with cash to buy expensive players with gold balls are using these tactics against weaker teams ought to take "pride" in the fact they are just bullies with insecurity issues in real life. aren't your players' quality levels enough to win u matches against weaker teams by playing the game in a gentlemanly manner?

i make no apologies if i offended's your insecurities in life u have to deal with, not mine as i am almost always happy, carefree n play this game for fun, win or lose but have nothing but contempt for bullies.


or programme the game in a way where the bunch of forwards are moved in front of the defenders, i.e. if defenders are positioned outside their penalty box, the forwards are automatically moved outside the penalty box too. regardless of the ugly tactics these players use.

21/05/16 06:29
Leigh King > i'm with you...i've already said it too but no answer....they must fix this problem ... i was victim several times that at the end i do the same when i play against them...there are even players who do nothing but score 5 or 6 ...with this stupid tactic
21/05/16 08:26
I disagree. I think in every game you should find the tactics that can give you a chance to win. Some teams use gold balls (bought with money or received in other ways) to upgrade their players and buildings, some teams use match bonus every match, some teams have 100% agression, some teams put 8 players in front of their own goal, some teams 8 players in front of the oposite goal, sme teams play 25 friendly matches a day to get the upper hand ... all different ways to win matches.
The argument 'just like in real football matches' does not stand, because this is nothing like real football. Besides real football and gentlemanly play do not work well in one sentence. (diving, time wasting, elbowing, illegal transfers, buying wins, the real game eveything is done and used to win the matches)

But you are right, good programming could solve some of these tactics.