14/02/19 01:11
London Lions, I don't care if your morale is 0, that was the biggest pussy move I have ever seen playing this game. You have many, MANY young teams that could play and beat Autumn. As a leader (LOL) that was a disgrace. I hope they strip you of your title and put you to newcomer, or boot your ass all together. Enjoy the train you fuck. If any of your mates thinks that was okay, fuck them too! I know Barney wouldn't do stupid shit like that. Maybe he should be a leader? Oh that's right, he doesn't give a fuck about this game anymore. Ricockadickulous, a couple words hidden in there I'm sure you enjoy, and suck daily.
14/02/19 01:19
14/02/19 02:00
oh hell that lev 30ish something you have.. scares the chit out of me lol....

14/02/19 02:05
Lol Randy, Coache is growing nicely. Autumn will be Pimp slapping in no time LOL
14/02/19 02:17
Jammin Giants!! Sorry about the team selection in the challenge not sure what the thought process was but I can't fault you in you reaction. You are also correct in that I dont give a fuck about this game any more. And treat Autumn Wind good...he started as a Ghost unless there are 2 teams by that name. Best of luck to you and everybody else as I will be slowly fading from this game.
14/02/19 02:18
I took it played down , lol
14/02/19 02:18
I took it played down , lol
14/02/19 02:20
I know I sound like the noob I kinda am, but what’s your team Barney.?
14/02/19 02:34
Thou Mayest...I am Phoenix....If you are ever in touch with Red tell him hello and I wish him the best
14/02/19 02:44
Thanks Barney, it struck a nerve. And Autumn is in good hands.Thou, Barney is Pheonix, a member of the Haunted Palace and a friend. And yes, a 60 playing a 16. 0 morale or not, uncalled for.