Blood on a clown suit

27/11/18 23:20
Hi mate

Really good to see that your back in the game & great to see you doing so well, will be rooting for you on your quest to get to #1, Go Blood

All the best Griff.
28/11/18 00:22
I am SOOO glad to be playing with and not against him...
28/11/18 18:24
great guy we are thrilled to have him with us ...

should have guessed he spent some time with you..
28/11/18 20:16
Top Guy & great addition to any guild, was a privilege to have him in the guilds I've been involved with.

All the best Griff
05/12/18 16:07
Griff i appreciate your leadership and insight . The beatings you and ahmed put on me really left a bad taste in my mouth .and inspired me to rearrange my way of playing . Thankyou for being the class act you are. I will be seeing you on the field soon. Oh yeah that last beating i took from you.........well played. I was getting a lil big for my britches lol.
05/12/18 16:47
Hey Blood, thanks for the kind words, just pleased to see your back in the game & I'm sure if you keep on progressing the way you are then you will reach the top of the mountain soon, just don't inflict to much pain on me on the way! Lol

All the best Griff
22/01/19 07:05
Blood on clown suit still going strong gave me everything I could handle tonight. But I pulled to win. Gg man great team! Knew it was gonna be a battle. Until next time!
22/01/19 07:06
29/01/19 04:17
Happy to be playing with Blood!!
30/01/19 04:38
LOL, everytime I saw that name, so, well, LOLe'd ( is that a word)