New comer LF an active guild

14/10/18 08:31
I'm LF an active guild.
I'm always an active player!
15/10/18 22:44
play one of the leaders at The Haunted Palace
15/10/18 23:02
Play Mr Grumpy in Fast Risers
18/10/18 19:51
I've joined the fast risers. But cannot figure out how to send heals. I saw a earlier post about an arrow on left side but find nothing.

18/10/18 20:50
They didn't help you Coach? That is odd.

Yo, help this guy out!
18/11/19 04:35
Click the arrow on the left-hand side and then when it has a thing saying send click it and when it disappears you have sent it if you want to have other people send heal kits to you go to your guild building and by guild that looks like a heal click it
19/11/19 11:21
Mr. Worths
You are answering a post from a year ago. Check the date. The Forum for TDM is close to Dead
... Z ...
23/11/19 06:23
What is LF? I will guess lesbian tucker. Am I correct?
23/11/19 06:25
What is LF? I will guess lesbian fucker (stupid auto correct.)
Am I correct?