Messaging people outside your guild

19/03/17 01:47
I'm sure this has been brought up in the past, but I couldn't find a post. Feel free to respond with a link to the original request for it if there is one.

It's difficult to communicate with people who aren't in your guild. It wasn't until I logged into the forums that I really got to speak to Super Ninja Football, who I've held as an unofficial rival. If we had been able to speak sooner, I would have courteously trash talked the crap out of him ages ago.

Other uses: recruiting; friendly banter and keeping up with friends in other guilds; more courteous trash talking; complaining about NCAA basketball seeding and more.
19/03/17 11:47
The problem with that is people won't know where to draw the line between trash talk and abuse and there will be no way to moderate or stop this. Unfortunately it will take one or two people to overstep and there will be a minor nuclear explosion of complaints, people quitting and and and...

And you do get players that will go out to do just that because they don't get any attention in real life.
19/03/17 15:33
How would this prevent the same thing from happening within a guild? A mix of an unattentive leader and some rowdy members and you have the same kind of abuse.

I feel like that's the worst case scenario, and it seems like there could be a way to moderate this. Have some sort of report button, and the records are all still there to prove the abuse.
20/03/17 00:40
Person getting abused quits.
20/03/17 00:52
There is a live chat if you play through Facebook. Most people are respectful, a few like always are ignorant from time to time.
23/03/17 00:07
Hey Brocko,

I spent some time looking for this live chat (I play through Facebook), but I cannot find anything. I "liked" the game, and was at the main page on Facebook with all the stuff, but not sure where or how this live chat is accessed. I would be interested to see that. How do you find or go into this live chat with other people?

Thank you!
23/03/17 21:50
You can access the live chat through the facebook app for the game (Facebook Gameroom)
24/03/17 04:18
I do not have a fancy phone and play on a desktop this sounds like those "watch ads for auction house coins" kind of things. Or the sub defensive guys into your offense things that is for the fancy phones. Guess I'll chalk this up as the third thing people can do on their phones....but not on a desktop.
25/03/17 21:56
That app can be downloaded on your computer. I use it a bit but since i am on EU and active ppl on this chat are from US (for most ?), it was hard to meet with them.
25/03/17 23:32
I would download this....any chance you can post the link of where exactly this download for desktop is?