Translation error in the Spanish version (not innocuous!)

07/03/23 04:07
Hi, I am currently supporting a Spanish-speaking guild and switched the game into Spanish for the first time. The first attribute of every player is called "attack acceleration" in the English version, but it has been erroneously translated as "Distancia máxima para intentar un drop" in the Spanish version, which means "Drop-kick distance max".

I asked the guild and all of the teams have been neglecting the development of this key attribute because of the translation error. As this is a very quick fix, surely it can be amended easily. "Aceleración en ataque" would be an appropriate translation.


07/03/23 06:35
Put a ticket in mate.
09/03/23 17:33
No wonder all of their players try to play like Jonny Wilkinson.
14/03/23 17:59
Oh heck Warty, that is a shocking oversight by SN and I hope it gets sorted soon. I hope you are well my fellow old fart.