V 7.21

25/10/20 09:42
You seem to have just destroyed the integrity of the game. By massively increasing the ability of the players on the market, you have massively devalued everyone's existing teams - all our hard work and cash for nothing!
29/10/20 15:26
If you have let your brought (so called Visa) players slip to the level of the new players on the transfer market, you are not playing the game properly!
03/11/20 11:49
Likewise, if a team of purchased players loses to a team of auction house players 100* below, the manager of the purchased team deserves to be beaten.

The point is not to buy players so that you can easily beat better managers who have auction house players. The point is to buy players so that you can compete against other elite managers who also have purchased players.

If an auction house team beats you, then all credit to him. Improve your strategy.