Guild Challenge Draw Result.

21/11/18 23:22
So, here is an idea regarding the guild challenges. How about when the outcome is a deffinate draw, so all teams have been beaten, a button appears theat reads "end the GC?". Once this appears the leaders and RH's have the power to press it and bingo, the GC ends, both sides get their RP's and you can hit search again. This would stop guilds having to wait hours and hours to start again.

What do you all think to that??
22/11/18 01:42
unfortunately i can see guilds abusing it, and purposefully getting draws in 30 mins to get quick RP, with 12hr waits you could almost get 2 GC a day in
22/11/18 07:13
You can have the button only appear in the last 6 hours.... good idea...
22/11/18 13:02
Yeah dragons, hadn't thought of that tbh. But like Hooligan said, the button could appear late in the challenge, with only 6 or even 4 hours to go. Knocking off a little bit of time just to save the wait.