Fire Of Dragons and World Elite + England 2066 United

27/03/18 08:00
Ok Fire Of Dragons we can be now connected thx for taking Dambala I have found a replacement but not a profitable one so if you want I can choose a player and suggest you one and we’ll exchange
27/03/18 09:10
We will be yr friend fella as not ####'s however I'm sorry but u won't have the pick of our players - we can help provide u with players if yr really stuck. The NZ flag is most welcome in our guild and our NZ player is a top professional guy... take from that what u will buddie... peace bro
27/03/18 09:19
I suggest a team plays our leader or a right hand twice. If we boot someone with low meds we can then invite yr player give him advice and then he can rejoin yr guild. We think little of this 'forum' but sometimes there's a few strands of decency to pursue...#any level flag, gender welcome @ FOD.
27/03/18 12:03
Db, I thought saying we and I were also against the fod rules. My mistake. Carry on.
27/03/18 13:08
Ok sure I’m more than happy to have a good friendly connection
27/03/18 13:40
If you want we can be friends on Facebook as well it’s also easier