Loan out builders

03/07/17 20:31
Apologies if this has been mentioned before, butnwhatbabout loaning builders within your guild for say 5 gold balls per buildings? What say you all?
03/07/17 21:02
Sounds great for the sim city folks. I'm over it personally but it might be wonderful for some.
03/07/17 21:46
So...8 buildings later and they could have got themselves an extra Builder anyway. 4 Tournament wins = 40 gold Balls <=> Extra Builder. A few achievements and you are there also.

This idea makes no sense to me whatsoever but then, I never played Sim City.
04/07/17 11:51
Hi Allan,
I remember starting out and it was one of my main targets to get the extra builder but this took me a long time (multiple seasons). My idea was only a suggestion, you could buy the builder with $ for e.g., so please don't get tied up on the semantics. This could help the developing teams atchieve a good standard quicker?
Like I said just a thought.
04/07/17 13:02
Hi Andy,

Those were my just my thoughts on the matter. Nothing personal and no offence was intended.

They are not "semantics" however, they are facts. 4 Tournament wins is all you need...not difficult at any level.

I am all for helping new teams but the best way is for them is to join a good Guild and get help and advice there. I would much rather the developers spent their valuable time on game play balance and removing MB than something that is already achievable with a bit of time and effort on the part of the players.

Just a difference of opinion and I do respect yours. I would like to agree to disagree however
04/07/17 14:08
Allan, his suggestion would also work after you buy the builders. In his suggestion you could have 10+ builders building in your town if you had the cash
04/07/17 14:40
It actually has merits when you put it that way. If teams had access to more builders, they would be less likely to spend their money on "Match Breaker", sorry, "Match Bonus" as their cash would be all tied up.

I would still prefer to see the complete removal of MB and other game play/challenge balances first.

[EDIT] Reason I say "challenge balances" is, it looks like I might have to play CAPITAINE ENFARINE in our newest challenge. I am definitely not ready to take him or most of his Guild on yet lol. It will be an exercise in damage limitation and getting the Gate Money
04/07/17 18:21
Thanks Allan, maybe I read it wrong but my idea wasn't intended as a final solution more so a talking point.
Cheers mate