Guild Challanges and rank.. and more...

09/01/17 18:32
1) why if a GvsG is ended for example DRAWN we must waiting 24 hours even if it is ended in 2 hours?
2) create a system like the new "play a match" so we can select the opponent guild and create a new "level" system based on matches (in the last month you can see the "guild challenge" lost interest.
3) in guild, tournament and championship add a "get rank position" like "play a match"
4) if you challenge against me in play a match and i win give me a drawn like money or training....
5) think about a solution for this: i can see many team full of training points.... are they spend much money or are they hackers? it is unbelievable to buy a player full in is rank and with 947 plus to add (to reach 947 plus i need more than one season!!).. if you need i can give you data of the player

bye, Mirko
09/01/17 19:42

not sure how it would work being able to select your opponent because surely the other team would have to accept and you would get a lot of people that would just decline the request of the other team knowing they couldn't beat the opposition this could also be a problem because you would have certain guilds deliberately picking the same team over and over without the opportunity to decline the request. Although I'd like to see a winner in every guild challenge rather than get GC drawn if both teams beat each other it should come down to who used the fewest games and if in the unlikely event both teams used the same number of games who spent what on bonuses the team that used less bonuses should then win outright.

However, I have no opinion on the ranking system other than I think it's a load of rubbish and I'm not too fussed about the max stats either with all there added points cos they can't do anything with the pts as there already maxed out so to me it's pointless.