anyone bought any players?

07/09/15 20:18
Prices are quite high, anyone managed to snap up some solid players? Im just training my originals atm
08/09/15 08:34
I have been lucky in snapping up some average players for a reasonable price. All i can say is keep having a look and try different times of the day as player activities around the world increase/decrease at certain times
08/09/15 12:26
How do you do bids
08/09/15 22:28
Guys, have a good schedule to recruit players, but in each country changes the time zone, which should be noted is that countries have more players such as England, France, South Africa, Australia, USA, among others, and then search the schedule of each country in google, it makes it easier to know when to be made bids at auctions. But changing the subject, I think the extra time of 5 minutes too, should be 1 minute and not 5, it is very difficult to hire even more relaxed schedules
15/09/15 00:14
I actually managed to recruit quite a few players, not super good players but still better than players I started with. My 1st player recruited was probably just luck, was no#8 player with 15stars and I got him for just 18 trade coins, it was Sunday morning 08:39. 2nd Player was no#10 with 13stars for 79 trade coins, also Sunday 10:22. Then I recruited some players today(Monday) again, and the prices was much higher than what I was able to get my 1st 2 players for, and it also took much longer with much, much more failed attempts before I succesfully recruited some more players. Got a no#2 with 16stars for 250 coins at 13:05, a no#1-3 with 19stars for 147 coins at 16:31 and my last recruit a no#6-7 with 10stars for 200 coins at 21:50. So timing clearly plays an important role not only in price but also how many tries before u succesfully recruit a player, dont expect to bid once or twice and win, for every player I won, I made about 20 - 50 unsuccesful bids, also recruits dont come cheap, you will be lucky to find them under 200 trade coins so unless you willing to spend some time and trade coins on recruiting players it might be easier to just train your exsisting players. Also if you're unable to be online and bid at the times that you think there will be less online players playing that can outbid you, just look for recruits with a few hours left on their bidding clock and bid enough so people cant outbid you to easy. Even if you place a max bid of say 300 coins on a recruit it dont necesarily mean you gonna pay that amount, if in the time other people bid up to 130 coins you will win the recruit for only 131. Or if you are able to play while you have bids going, then bid smaller amounts like up to 50 coins but put bids on a few recruits at a time, I usually have about 5 bids running when I'm online to watch them, as soon as someone outbids you, you'll get a message, then you can either raise your bid on that recruit or I will usually just bid on a new recruit again. Upgrade your recruitment centre as high as you can, I currently get 5coins per hour, thats 120 coins per day, so that you have a decent amount of trade coins to play with. You can do it easy and expensive, by paying insane amounts so no one can outbid you, or you can work hard, bid many, many times and if you lucky get good players for very reasonable prices.
23/08/16 19:56
How does the system decide which of your players to drop when you win a bid? I got a new player and it seemed to arbitrarily drop one of my reserves instead of letting me select.
24/08/16 22:13
Nobody gets dropped when you buy a new player. You can grow your squad up to 200 players if you like