Ping Pong Football

27/09/18 02:32
You edited your post as I was typing LOL I'm always at the short end of the stick lol
27/09/18 11:22
Hi Jammin,
No probs. If you don't know a great deal about football (this game resembles it, just) the reason why your attackers won't go beyond the opposing players is due to a rule called 'offside'. To put it in basic terms, a player in the attacking half of the pitch is not allowed to receive the ball beyond the last opposing defender.
28/09/18 00:16
First time I actually learned something in this forum, thanks. =)
12/10/18 16:36
Anyone having luck against long balls passing from the halfway line by our brethren from Iran and a growing number of non-Iranian teams as well?

It is getting really tedious and boring!