Football Champions Classic (International)




What is happening if I'm taking holidays ?

Don't worry, in vacation mode you will still receive the Sponsor revenue and pay the salaries. Prearranged matches will be played normally (Championship, Tournaments etc.) except that aggressivness and meteo bonus are disabled for both teams. Your strategy will be changed randomly for every match. Equipments do not expire during vacation mode (except boosts). At your return, you will get a fame bonus equal to 3000 x the number of days spent on holiday.

What is the attitude and weather for?

If you select the attitude that corresponds with the weather indicator, you will get a 5% bonus during the match.

What is aggressiveness for?

Increasing aggressiveness makes your players perform better and can help you win an important match.

However, there drawbacks, your players will lose a lot more energy than normal and may commit fouls (it's just about certain at the highest value).

How should i choose my captain?

Your captain will increase your whole team's performance depending on his own abilities. The effect is proportional to the captain's intelligence.

How to choose the ideal strategy?

Each strategy gets a bonus over another:

- 3-5-2 gets a bonus over 4-4-2
- 4-4-2 gets a bonus over 4-3-3
- 4-3-3 gets a bonus over 5-4-1
- 5-4-1 gets a bonus over 3-5-2

Try and see which strategy your opponent prefers to get the bonus.

What is player potential?

Players have a hidden maximum value for each ability that we call the potential. Once the player reaches his potential for all abilities he cannot be improved by training anymore. However, you can exceed the potential with gear and building bonuses.

Although the potential is hidden, the Recruiter Kit displays the maximum potential ability on player profiles and you can reveal all the player's potential abilities by click on the "Potential" icon on a player's profile for a small vitamin cost.

What is the blue bar on a player's ability?

It represents the ability bonus provided by player gear, buildings etc. The exact value is shown in brackets next to the total ability value.