Well that was an interesting morning...

22/09/22 21:53
Bluemooners :

Knock on effect continuing by looks of it. Champs cup game on schedule showing 3 different opponents simultaneously. Then unable to play map games following the champs cup. Hope this is a one off and sorted for next season.

Don't hold your breath my friend as we both know it is not their first and certainly won't be their last "faux pas".

1000+ points on players for a bunch of teams a few years back.
Kicks to Car Parks and beyond by players with rubbish kick stats.
teams being promoted from "non-elite" leagues that should not have been.

The list goes on.

Best regards,

DHSTUPID (for still playing this game )
23/09/22 11:31
Here’s one bug that really bugs me....
Losing slightly in a game from 60 minutes onwards, players won’t kick ball up the field for a lineout further up. Instead they waste 10 minutes doing 1 yard backward passes making zero progress upfield.