La Cag types of game play.

12/04/20 22:45
Hello everyone.

Now that the obvious match fixing has been exposed, we have already started to see some teams trying to be a bit more devious when pre-arranging fixtures.

I have decided to showcase RDC from La Cagnannaise. I will show 3 games, the first is a normal league game, not a fix, just straight up fist fight.

Bourre vs RDC.
12/04/20 22:45
12/04/20 22:46
The second is an obvious match fix, La Cagnannaise vs La Cagnannaise.

RDC vs Castres.
12/04/20 22:46
12/04/20 22:48
The third game is a newer type of match fix, or less obvious end result. I believe we will see more of this type of match fix now the new reporting feature is active for the new season.

RDC vs Memento.
12/04/20 22:48
12/04/20 22:50
Same team (RDC) and 3 VERY different game types.

I know people use different strats for different teams, but 2 of these games were against fellow La Cagnannaise guild mates and both fixed, just different types of fix.

Many thanks.

La Cagnannaise Exposed.