#Rugga Rebels

08/10/18 14:48
~ les P'titd Stadistes {LPS} ~

Bonne chance avec GC ... dans l'attente d'un bon défi

(Hope google translate gets that right)
11/10/18 08:21
Good Luck to Ovalie [recrute joueurs actifs] for our GC games today

12/10/18 09:11
#Rugga Rebels [recrute joueurs actifs]

Well done...
12/10/18 09:12
Good luck to English Lions should be a good GC battel... Good luck
15/10/18 09:43
Good GC, French Rugby... GC was played in good spirits... good luck in the future
13/12/18 08:26
#Rugga Rebels has 1 spot opening at the end of Guild challenge... if you want to grow and learn come join us... Last 3 seasons records.. 23 finished top 3 of their championships, 21 finished top 3 of their championships, 21 will finish top 3 of their championships this season...

If you want to dominate your championship come join us we will teach you.....
15/12/18 10:17
Les monologues du vagin
26/12/18 12:16
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