Withdrawing bids

02/02/18 05:05
I was thinking there should be an option to withdraw your bid on a player/piece of equipment if you decide to not hire/purchase something or perhaps bid on something accidentaly.
03/02/18 23:20
Good idea but how you manage it. I could bid for a player in the first hour of sale, withdraw my bid just before it finishes and then buy again cheaply. Logically it would go back to whoever bid to push you up to the level of your bid, but by that time they will have bid on something else and have no cash left. Alternatively the bidding could start again or go back to a 12 hour window. All sorts of options. I know I hzve made mistakes and bid on the wrong thing and this would help. Just need a way to make it work.
08/02/18 09:37
true that.
12/02/18 02:29
Legitimate auctions do not allow leading bids to be withdrawn so lets keep this auction process legitimate and leave it as it is. If it aint broke why fix it.
12/02/18 19:34
No, this will cause many guys bidding players etc up for no reason. Everything will become more expensive and everyone will loose out

Or to push Guild members’ items up on market