Challenge notification

25/09/17 16:20
Can the developers please add a notification when not in the game that you are challenged. Or change that if you are not in the game that the challenger can substitute. It kills the game. No one has almost got any chance to defend if not online against subs.
25/09/17 17:10
There needs to always be rewards for being online. This is one. I have also noticed that the players who stay at the top have some solid offline strats. While they are still beatable, everyone is beatable.
25/09/17 17:28
I do understand that. This is a rugby simulator. To a degree of reality. In no rugby game does only the one team use subs because the other teams management is offline. The aim is to be as realistic as possible.
25/09/17 17:48
And no teams manager is offline when a match is being played. At the end of the day it's a game that needs to make money and they don't make money of offline players. I'm with BM on this one, online players should be rewarded, even though I can't be online for most of my champ games