Patch 4.2

21/09/16 08:44
Taff - International Lions :

News to me lol
Where/how ?

Guild, Top Guilds, Search
21/09/16 08:50
That searches guilds, not teams ?
21/09/16 08:59
Taff - International Lions :

That searches guilds, not teams ?

Apologies, my error and yes it would be useful. I was still hung up on the issues that could be raised by allowing individuals to message individuals from other teams
21/09/16 11:47
I think that team leaders should be able to communicate with one another!also plz can we see how much mb was used after a game!alot of people don't use mb but weak opponents just don't believe it!
24/09/16 23:44
Carshalton Colts :

Not sure if admin intend putting anything here but I have just noticed that the ios update has arrived.
If you are on ios and have not got it then go into the app store and update the app for the game.
Your game log in screen gives details of the 'changes' some of which I have no doubt will generate another wave of discussion both for and against, as always.

Have to agree with Carshalton here, what a nice chap he is too.