Patch 3.6

21/07/16 13:24
Guys I like the new patch bt I have an idea to combine the 5% commission with the older patch where as a manager I could determine the value of player I'm selling on the auction, this version of the patch I as a manager ain't making any money on selling a player. The risk is always their if no one bid for the player you gain nothing bt at least if you would sell a player again u would make up for the one u lost on so u gain nd in this situation u guys can still add the 5% commission for the sale.... Please look into this. ....cazzmanion Devils
22/07/16 19:15
Fintan Corr :

Can you please fix:

1. Kicking ball dead, 22m drop out to restart.
2. Standing still at kick off and restarts.
3. Offsides
4. No. 10 joining rucks


completely agree but good luck with the offsides!!!
29/07/16 16:59
if you can recruit why not give players the option of loaning out players they dont use in the guild, and i think 31 retirement age to low, other wise i love this game
05/08/16 13:50
Going to loose gamers. I thinking about leaving. Games fans loses are redicules. 1000 per loss and only 200 to gain. Its hard when people smash you with mb.
06/08/16 00:01
If MB is going to stay, please can we see who used how much after the game...
07/08/16 02:17
Yes you have a tiny one.

Mattyjjj :

Birkinhead Park :

Theres going to be a brain drain from this gam unless you delete mb, and make it sexy

Brain drain must be affecting your spelling

13/08/16 20:58
Zeems :

If MB is going to stay, please can we see who used how much after the game...

Be well handy if only to see who had not used what they professed to use.
09/09/16 13:30
ahats happen to the game in the last day they seem do have done a partial update change a few things and not said anything bout it why don't they just keep any upgrades till the end of a season instead of messing everything up as usual
09/09/16 15:27
What 'changes' are you referring to Taffy?
09/09/16 15:34
the extra chat in the guild and the 1 press all heal in the infirmary all thou not major it wud b nice to be told