11/12/18 21:52
I know I said before it was my last thread but Blah blah blah we all know I can't shut up. Just coming off a wonderful 30 day ban here, a new glitch has happened. Some teams salaries have increased today by crazy amounts. One Pimp said for 100% morale, his wages would be over 100 mil. Troops went from 7 to 26 mil for 99%. Just wondering if anyone has a clue as to what's going on and why does it only effect some teams.
Maybe someone can take note of this, like the one who banned me within hrs of my last rant =)
11/12/18 22:41
I just noticed this too. my payroll went up 5x overnight...
11/12/18 22:58
Mine as well
11/12/18 23:38
i put i ticket in i sure hope others have... lol I ripped my def apart today cause i was playing so pour and had no idea why
Thanks Jammin!
11/12/18 23:47
Even though this didn't affect my teams I hate that it happened to other teams whether it be Pimps teams or teams from other guilds. We are all here to be competitive and have a good time and this kind of nonsense, if not addressed in a timely manner, is what makes people want to walk away from this game.

The devs should correct this immediately and compensate those affected with any cash lost and a nice stash of gold balls.
12/12/18 00:04
Thanks for the support Zeke. I am kicking myself now for missing out on the GC cash by sitting this one out.
12/12/18 00:28
No problem, brother. Hate that you missed the GC cash. Hell, we need all the cash we can get to pay the salaries of these shitty players that can't hold on to the ball or the defensive players that stand around with their thumb up their ass. lol
12/12/18 00:30
ya I have to dbl promote I run out of cash and lose 3rd place I am gonna be so pissed..... it's kind of funny though.. my backup qb makes much more then my starter..... my bought HBs maxed stats making less then my backups..... justa very wacky bug.. and for real all of you should check your moral in the am...... cause just cause it didnt get you today does not mean it wont at rollover

glad we were playing the pimps.. if this was a game we could win it would have been far worse lol

12/12/18 01:33
I to have the issue I would say my salary tripled
12/12/18 03:05
Guys, DO NOT adjust your morale and save!! Doing so will raise your salaries to the high levels we have been seeing today. Pass this on please. I have sent a couple of tickets on this issue as others have.